Luke & Trevor

Luke & Trevor were as usual very cute in their plaid shirts in such an awesome setting.  Chatfield Hallow State Park was so fun.  so many nooks, trails, running water ways and cool rock walls…oh and the red covered bridge.  Im glad Heather chose this spot for this years pics…. now you have 11 months to figure out where you wanna go next year!  Till then enjoy and thank you again!


Little Allison… were PERFECT!  Most moms wonder why newborn sessions take FOREVER….well, its because they have to feed, burp, change a million times and soothe if they act up and aren’t putting on their best modeling behavior!   Clearly little Allison you were all around (despite your 4 diaper changes…lol) a pleasure to photograph. Thank you again and I hope to see you soon! ~Christine

More with natural light

As I sit and edit during the day while my kids are in school, I think as the hours go by “oh this time of the day is perfect”,  ”oh no this time is even better” and I actually write down the times and what the day looks like.  I know corny right…wrong! It actually helps me when I actually have a client in my home.  I gage my lighting that way….Me personally (and I bet other photographers do too) I enjoy shooting on a cloudy/over cast day…no harsh sun spots, no squinting, no shadows, and its nice and cool! :)  I feel the best times (IMO) to shoot are between 8-11ish am & 4ish-7,8 pm depending on the time of year and the month….Now this is just my opinion, others may feel different.

I am  an outdoor, natural light photographer…I will get the occasional newborn and photograph them in my home.  This is where the tricky indoor lighting comes in to play.   I took a class on “how to use your digital camera”.  It was a 3 week class, I thought how am I ever going to learn anything from this class….I basically learned how to turn it on and taught myself  the rest!  I am self taught and for that I am lucky, never took a class or schooling on photography. Over time I have seen myself improve, but still a critic of my own art!

Enjoy! Christine