Contact Information: Christine @…  203.444.3813 or christine@cferrie.com

Sessions are usually booked 2-4 weeks in advance

Session fee is due in full at the time of photo shoot…cash, check or credit!
Basic session fee includes:
Sitting Fee- $350  
Mini session Fee- $150 (15 images, edited….everything else is the same as the full session)
1-1 1/2 hour long session
~An on location session for up to 3 people (with in the immediate family) $20 for each     additional person
~Photographers time, editing of all pictures
~Custom portrait enhancement
~Finished pictures put on a CD for you.  Typically you will get anywhere from 20-30 images (for a full session).
Session fee includes:
Newborn Session $550
~2-3 hour long session

~suggested time frame for newborns is usually five to ten days old

~In~studio session only
* I like simplicity when it comes to photographing newborns. A bare baby is always better! So bring a onesie or a cute hat or headband, but i have plenty as well for you to try!
Prices are subject to change at anytime without notice.  You secure your pricing on the day of booking, so if prices change after you’ve booked your date & paid, prices do not change for you!
Any photographs from your session could be used on my site or marketing material for promotional reasons.
All images are copyright of C. Ferrie Photography and is unlawful to be duplicated in any way.
Day Of:
BE PREPARED! I like to take my time with each session, so plan on a 1-2 hour session (newborns 2-3 hours).  Have outfits planned, don’t be afraid to have a few in mind!  Texture is everything, don’t be afraid of bright colors, fun tights and a cool hat!

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